Weatherman Versus Food - Hall's Triathlon 2014 - Part 3


Published 08/11 2014 08:59PM

Updated 08/18 2014 08:44AM

And here it is.

The final part of this year's Weatherman Versus Food Don Hall's Triathlon Challenge.

Last week, Team Hall's tied it up at one.

Tonight, it's all decided as these two guys dig into a giant piece of cake.

It's part three for this week’s Weatherman Versus Food.

So this is it.

The final part of the Hall's Triathlon.

Tonight a giant piece of German chocolate cake and ice cream from the Hall's Gashouse stand in the way of ultimate gastronomical victory.

Speed is of ultimate importance, and Team Weatherman's Adam Tudor is ready.

"Nah, usually I have to slow down, so it shouldn't be a problem,” Adam says.

But the final challenger for team halls is hungry.

"Most of these guys we've had penned up in kind of a chicken coup situation for a couple of days, so they are remarkably hungry. We've just been feeding them water and vitamin pills,’ says Hall’s General Manager Ben Hall.

No time to chat.

Let them eat cake.

And look at this.

Who needs a fork?

"That's milk!"

When faced with a fork in the road, Adam sticks with tradition and opts for the utensil.

Eventually they both go for the metal.

These guys are neck and neck.

And they both take a minute to size each other up.

Who will take the cake?

But Adam takes the lead, and he actually finishes when I'm trying to shoot a promo!

And that's it!

Adam wins round three, and Team Weatherman takes the Triathlon Challenge two to one.

These guys will have their cake- and eat it too.

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