Weatherman Versus Food - Hall's Triathlon 2014 - Part 2


Published 08/06 2014 07:03PM

Updated 08/11 2014 08:56AM

Last Friday, meteorologist Andrew Logsdon and his team of eaters competed in round one of the Don Hall's Triathlon Challenge.

This week, we're back for round two, and these two eaters race to eat an entire Japanese dinner.

It's tonight's Weatherman Versus Food.

After the big win for team weatherman in round one- now we move upstairs to Takaoka.

It's round two of the weatherman versus food- don hall's triathlon challenge.

This week, Hall’s is bringing out the big guns.

"I don't think he has a name, he just goes by samurai, he's been talking a lot of game over the course of the past twelve months in response to our pathetic defeat in 2013,” says general manager Ben Hall.

Last year, I destroyed their challenger.

Today, Dee is taking his best shot.

"He looks pretty small to me. We'll just see what he can do. Let's just see what he can do,” says challenger Dee Blair.

The full Japanese teppanyaki dinner is already laid out- meat, veggies, rice, salad and soup.

The first to finish wins.

They dive in- into the meat and veggies.

Dee goes conventional- but check out samurai john's approach.

Wielding his souper scooper, he takes a decided advantage right off the bat.

Dee follows suit, but is it too late?

In just a few minutes, john the samurai goes ninja and destroys the plate.

He moves onto the salad and Dee is playing catch up.

But by now, the samurai is on the soup- and that's it!

Samurai john finishes first, and takes round two for team halls.

It's all tied up with the final round coming up.

Don’t miss round three down in the gashouse next Friday.

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