Weatherman Versus Food - Hall's Triathlon 2014 - Part 1


Published 07/30 2014 11:14PM

Updated 08/04 2014 08:46AM

It's an event you've waited a year for.

The Don Hall's Triathlon is back for Weatherman Versus Food.

This year, meteorologist Andrew Logsdon has assembled a team of eaters to take on the best hall's has to offer.

Last year I ate my way through the Deck, Takaoka and the Gas House.

This year, my three challengers- Team Weatherman- is taking on the big eaters representing Team Halls.

Our first stop is the deck.

This year's battle is a giant Buster Burger with chips.

"This is something that’s been completed amongst some staff and a couple of regular customers. We've got one of our very finest, most accomplished eaters in this particular challenge lined up for you,” says Don Hall’s Manager Ben Hall.

I've got matt, and he's ready to throw down.

"Ran six miles earlier today and had nothing but coffee. That's my strategy for today,” Matt says.

They get in place out on the Deck- with a large crowd ready for the throw down.

"Good luck!"

And out come the burgers.

The first to finish wins round one.

"Three, two, one, begin!"

They both start out strong- going for the burger first.

And the crowd is energized.

Matt's speed pays off- and soon his burger is down first.

Now it's just down to the chips.

They both work through their plates of crispy crunchies.

And soon the last chips go down- and matt defeats bill in round one!

That's one for Team Weatherman with two still to go.

That was just round one.

Be sure to tune in next Friday for round two- an entire Japanese dinner in Takaoka.

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