Weatherman Versus Food - Gridiron Wings Challenge


Published 07/04 2014 12:41PM

Updated 07/06 2014 08:42PM

This week is a special 'Murican version of weatherman versus food.

And what's more American than really spicy hot wings?

This week, meteorologist Andrew Logsdon returns to the Gridiron Grill in Kendallville for a super spicy hot wings challenge.

Kendallville might be the hottest place in the region this Independence Day, as these three men are taking in the new Hackey Hot Wing Challenge.

"One of our local customers came in and he kept challenging the cooks in the kitchen to come up with a hotter and hotter sauce,” says Gridiron co-owner Nelson Smith.

That sauce is covered all over twenty wings, and Casey, Kyle and Andy have ten minutes to eat them all.

Any strategies?

"No, I showed up with my wife and kids, and they threw this at me,” says Casey Repine.

"Yep, that right here,” says Kyle Brooks.

"Nope, just eat until I cry,” says Andy Perez.

The wings are out, and they even smell spicy.

And they're off!

Several minutes and several wings in, they're cruising.

But here comes the heat.

"Heating up, I'm heating up."

"I'd rather be hit by a mack truck."

Kyle and Andy slow down a bit, as the heat bites back.

The numb never comes as this sauce keeps burning.

"They're pretty warm."

Finally, relief is near as time is almost up.

"One minute!"

And Casey grounds the bird!

Finishing first, as the others can only watch.

"It's good stuff man."

The buzzer sounds- Casey wins the Hackey Hot Wing Challenge.

And for these other guys- food wins.

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