Weatherman Versus Food - Gridiron Grill Two


Published 04/06 2014 08:28PM

Updated 04/14 2014 08:36AM

We have a mountain of meat tonight on Weatherman Versus Food.

Last year, meteorologist Andrew Logsdon took on the Gridiron Burger Challenge up in Kendallville.

Tonight, we return to the Gridiron Grill as another one of you tries to eat this giant burger.

It's tonight's Weatherman Versus Food.

This burger is enormous.

It has three half-pound patties and tons of toppings.

Jim has to eat it, plus a pound of fries, in thirty minutes.

"Do you think Jim can eat all of this?"

"Absolutely, I have confidence in him. I know he can do it."

"Absolutely not."

His plan-

"Just go medieval on it. Attack it."

If he's attacking, this monster of meat might have struck the first blow.

"Oh my gosh!"

And it's already laying on the intimidation like a sauce.

"Oh, no way, no way."

But the clock starts, and he goes for the first layer of pulled pork and coleslaw.

He works the first part fast.

Jim works the fries in between, hoping to diffuse the starch bomb.

He's only five minutes in, and the beef is bringing it.

He's giving it his best, but today, this burger might be too much.

"I can't go any further than that, oh my gosh."

He waves the white napkin symbolically as this gooey goodness claims another victim.

"Twenty-one minutes to go, and you stuffed yourself silly."

Today- food wins.

Check out the Gridiron Grill at-

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