Weatherman Versus Food - GridIron Grill - Burger Challenge

Published 07/17 2013 05:32PM

Updated 07/22 2013 09:16AM

Think about the largest burger you've ever eaten.

Tonight on Weatherman Versus Food-

WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon takes on the biggest burger we've ever seen.

Check this out.

This week I'm up in Kendallville at the Gridiron Grill and Bar.

Taking on their Burger Challenge.

Eat these three half-pound burgers with toppings and texas toast- topped with pulled pork and cole slaw- and a pound of french fries.

All in thirty minutes.

Few have tried.

"We're going to say about twenty- and no one has done it. No one has succeeded... They all start fast, then call it quits," say Gridiron Grill owners Denny Mast and Nelson Smith.

That's my strategy.

"There you go!"
We stare each other down- the burger and me.

"and we're off!"

I take the pork first.

Minutes later, the first burger down.

"And the Lady Knight."

"He's only ten minutes in!"

My strategy appears to work.

And fifteen minutes, the giant burger is destroyed.

"Now you've got fifteen minutes to eat the fries."

Maybe I should have stared down the fries.

"Go! Go! Go!"

The pound of fries is a little too tough.

And that's it- the burger is still undefeated.

"No one's even came that close- at all."

"No one's done it yet. The burger still wins."

A big thanks to the Gridiron Grill.

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