Weatherman Versus Food - Flanagan's - Three Pound Burger


Published 12/09 2013 10:58PM

Updated 12/16 2013 08:49AM

Every Friday night, we get to watch WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon take on food challenges in Weatherman Versus Food.

But it's not every week we get to see him help launch a new challenge.

This week, here he is at Flanagan's in Fort Wayne, the first person to attempt their new 'Three Pound Burger challenge.'

Here he goes.

The burgers you've watched me eat keep getting bigger.

None have been as big as this one.

I'm at Flanagan's in southwest Fort Wayne for a brand-new challenge.

"We're going to do a three-pound burger today on a homemade eighteen-ounce bun. We're going to top it with cheese, and bacon, and condiments, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle spears, with a big side of french fries,” says owner Pete Giokaris.

In all, that's six pounds of food!

Check this thing out on the griddle.

And also this bun compared to a regular bun.

My time on this will set the standard.

Winners get a prize and the burger for free.

"Three pounds, and I'm the first to eat this. So let's set the bar."

My strategy- I cut it into six one-pound pieces.

"Oh, look at that!"

At first, it goes great.

I slam first few pieces.

"Oh boy!"

But it catches up fast.

The next pieces- a bit slower.

After twenty minutes, the burger starts throwing its weight around.

"I want another bite so bad."

Unfortunately, I just can't, and I throw it in.

The after weight- just two pounds left in twenty-four minutes.

"In the massive battle of weatherman versus three pound burger, unfortunately today... Food wins."

I wonder if anyone else can even eat that much.

That's just too much.

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