Weatherman Versus Food - El Azteca - Benji Burrito Challenge


Published 08/14 2013 01:15AM

Updated 08/19 2013 08:47AM

It's Friday night and WFFT weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is back with another episode of Weatherman Versus Food.

This week, he's at a Fort Wayne favorite for Mexican food- El Azteca- taking on their Benji Burrito Challenge.

People in Fort Wayne love El Azteca- located on State Boulevard.

In fact, it was voted 'Best Mexican Restaurant' for 2013 by Fort Wayne Newspapers.

So I had to go and check out their Benji Burrito Challenge.

"Just to feature some of the good food we have. You're going to be eating a soup to start off, which is our black bean soup... Then you're going to move to a Benji Burrito, which is our giant wet burrito... And then for dessert, we're going to finish off with a chocolate flan,” says store manager Christina Ray-Durnell.

The Benji Burrito is stuffed full inside- and out.

And paired with the soup-

And chocolate flan-

Benji is out to get me.

Let's see if I can eat it all.”

There's no time limit.

I start with the soup.

“Here we go, let's do it.”

And before you can even say black bean soup...

“Within seconds, one down. Now we come to Benji.”

It's over a foot long.

I make Benji pay for thinking he could stop me.

“Dang! Maybe I should have put a time limit. That's pretty good!”

“Top it all off, chocolate flan.”

“Mmmmmm, oh my!”

Forget the challenge-

I wish this would never end.

“One final bite - go!”

But it must-

And it goes down.

You can check out El Azteca at-

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