Weatherman Versus Food - Dawson's Dogs - Hot Dog Challenge

Published 09/26 2013 12:30AM

Updated 09/27 2013 11:10PM

Coney dogs, and all sorts of hot dogs, have a long history in Fort Wayne.

And tonight our own dog expert is going to try to eat a lot of them.

WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is up to the challenge in this week's episode of Weatherman Versus Food.

Coney dogs go back in Fort Wayne history to the dawn of time.

Because any time before Coney dogs doesn't matter.

And this place makes some of the best.

Dawson's Famous Coney Dogs in north Fort Wayne has a whole menu full of hot dogs.

And my challenge is full.

"You're going to be eating a Dawson's Famous Coney dog, a kraut dog, a jalepeno sausage, a Chicago dog, a polish, an awesome dog, and an order of french fries,” says owner Christine Davis.

That's seven- for those of you scoring at home.

“Alright, we have seven hot dogs. Seven hot dogs!”

Each one covered in toppings.

“And what about you? You think i can do this? You're just going to squirt ketchup on your head.”

I don't plan to be an underdog- or under dogs.

No time limit.

“Here we go, Coney.”

And the first few dogs sit, heel and fetch.

“Let's go kraut.”

Down go the dogs.

Barely past ten minutes, I've downed five.

But, a sneak attack??

“We've got one more for you, Andrew!”

“Uh oh, a surprise entry.”

“A slaw dog!”

The ante's been upped to eight.

“I'm not going to dog out on this.”

But frankly, it's all catching up to me.

“I think it's 'slaw'ing me down a bit.”

But even dogs are no match for the weatherman.

“I think it's the hair of the dog. Where'd they go?”

The same place this basket of fries is going.


“And in the battle of eight hot dogs... Weatherman wins!”

I think i would have lost it after that many.

They don't call him LogDog for nothing, i guess.

A big thanks to Dawson's Dogs for the challenge.

And if you want to contact LogDog about a potential food challenge, make sure to send him an email!

Reach him at

You can find out more about Dawson's Famous Coney Dogs at-

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