Weatherman Versus Food - Coliseum - Burger Challenge


Published 10/30 2013 10:12PM

Updated 11/04 2013 08:38AM

It isn't every day you get to break in a new burger.

This week, on Weatherman Versus Food, our big-eating meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

They're opening the brand-new food court for tonight's Weatherman Versus Food.

The burgers are hitting the grill- breaking in the new burger stand inside the coliseum.

Also breaking in this brand-new burger.

"you are inside the Appleseed Burger Company inside the west food court, and you're going to be challenged with the 'signature burger.' which is a third-pound bacon cheddar burger. Topped with lettuce, tomato, an onion ring, french fries, barbecue sauce, and pulled pork... Well, you're also going to eat twisted fries, and to round out the competition, you're going to have an order of apple fritters,” says Aramark G,M. Andrew Vandeweghe.

Quite the meal in fifteen minutes.

This burger is part of a naming contest, and by the time you order it- it'll be the same with a new name.

"Here we have the signature burger. Look at all that stuff on top of there. We're also going to be eating this big thing of french fries, and look at those apple fritters. Those sure do look good, don't they? We've got fifteen minutes to do all this."

It's time to burger out.

"It's going!"  "Alright, here we go! Fifteen minutes. Whooo, that is a beast! Look at all of that!"

All those toppings make this burger full of juicy goodness.

It's no surprise it goes down fast.

And the fries are fried.

"Fries gone! And now, look at these little things. Those look really good. And you know what? Ohhhhhhhh! They really are!"

A quick check of the clock.

"Time is flying. You're six minutes in." "Ok, last bite!" "Six mintues, forty-seven seconds!"

I finish in under seven minutes.

"And we're introducing a new burger here at the coliseum... But tonight, weatherman wins!"

But we're not done yet!

"Alright Tara, this is your chance!"

Reporter Tara Petitt gets her chance to beat the weatherman!

Her path to immortality- a little slower.

"Timewise, if you can read that, four and a half minutes."

But slow and steady wins the-- (coughing).

Well, she's trying, and regains her composure.

"Burger down!" "Oh, no no! Still stuff there."

She tries to eat the fries and fritters at once- a double fisting move.

But time-

She can't beat the weatherman.

But she can throw it down.

I'm surprised she couldn't do it too.

And while you're on the computer, if you have any ideas for food challenges you'd like to see Andrew do, send him an email.

Check out the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum at-

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