Weatherman Versus Food - Casa Restaurants - Italian Challenge


Published 10/16 2013 08:38PM

Updated 10/18 2013 11:01PM

You've seen WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon eat a lot of things.

This week, on Weatherman Versus Food, something he hasn't done before- an entire Italian dinner!

Let's see if he can do it on tonight's Weatherman Versus Food.

I've eaten several full meals.

This one, however, could be the largest.

This week, I'm at the Casa Grille on Stellhorn in Fort Wayne--
And I'm in for it.

"We're going to set down our most popular appetizer, which is toasted ravioli, Casa salad has been a staple in Fort Wayne for those thirty-seven years... We have to have bread and butter with your meal... For dessert, we're thinking our most popular dessert is an ooey-gooey six-layer chocolate cake... But the most important part of this challenge is quattro formagi with sausage,” says executive chef Al Tholen.

That's an entire Italian dinner-

And I have to eat it all-

In just twenty minutes.

Yea, twenty minutes.

They say no one has eaten this much in that short of time.

It's a lot of starch and carbs.

And as they bring out each plate, I feel the pressure.

“And now, the final ingredient to the challenge!”

They start the clock, and it already feels like I'm in over my head.

I try with my slow and steady approach- trying a little bit of everything.

But time goes fast-

And I'm slowing down-

And filling up.

I'll spare you the details-

With eight minutes left-

Not much more of this food disappears.

In the end, weatherman goes down-

And food wins.

That's almost a week's worth of food right there.

Well, if you want to make Andrew burst with another challenge, send him an email.

Check out the Casa Italian Restaurants at-

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