Weatherman Versus Food - Casa Macias - 10 Lb. Torta

Published 06/30 2013 07:12PM

Updated 07/01 2013 08:36AM

It's Friday, and that means it's time for our big-eating meteorologist Andrew Logsdon with another of his Weatherman Versus Food challenges.

This week- he was at Casa Macias, a Mexican restaurant in Ligonier, for his biggest challenge yet- A ten pound Mexican sandwich called a torta.

Find out if he can eat it all in Weatherman Versus Food.

Yea, you heard that intro right- a ten pound torta.

It's three pounds of bread- over a pound of steak, pork, ham and chicken each, plus beans, veggies and sauce.

"We figured what would be the best thing that we could do as far as a challenge- why not make a big two and a half foot torta?" says Jorge Macias.

They give you forty-five minutes to down the beast and drinks and breaks are allowed.

Get it down- it's free, and you get your picture on the wall of fame.

If not, you are forever embarrassed on the wall of shame.

And I'm the first to try it.

It's so big, it has its own entrance music.

"Oh my gosh, big sandwich."

My time starts-

"Here you go!"

And I dive in.

The crowd loves it-

Except for the sandwich maker, who doesn't want to see it go down.

Twenty minutes in, I slow down- and need to take some laps.

But time is ticking away.

Past thirty minutes.

Just past thirty-seven minutes, the torta does me in.

"That's it!"

The scale says I ate over six pounds of torta-

Not bad.

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