Weatherman Versus Food - Brownstone on State - Prime Rib Challenge


Published 11/15 2013 01:50PM

Updated 11/16 2013 11:42AM

Well, you've seen WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon eat some massive meals.

This one though, it might top them all.

Imagine eating a slab of meat that's almost as big as your head!

He's going to try on this week's edition of Weatherman Versus Food.

Picture the biggest piece of meat you've ever eaten.

I'm going to shatter that imagine.

We're in South Whitley at iconic restaurant Brownstone on State.

It has a coffee bar, live music every week upstairs- but down in the dining room, it's all prime rib.

"Your mission is a thirty-two ounce custom cut prime rib, Andrew. And you're going to finish it off with a platter of desserts,” says manager Dane Starkey.

And to finish it off- four premium desserts made by pastry chef and former owner of Yum-Mees bakery, Terry Mee.

"Tonight, we're going to put you up with four different desserts this evening we're going to start you off with a peanut butter pie... Then we're going to go to our sticky toffee pudding right there... A little bit of caramel apple cobbler this evening, and then finally finish you off with a couple of beignets with chocolate and raspberry sauce,” says Mee.

Finish me off is right- if i can get past the beef.

“Wow! So look at that slab of meat! That's thirty-two ounces of juicy, delicious prime rib. And you know what? I'm going to eat all of this. Baked potato and the beans- those are just collateral damage. We're going to get through this, and let me tell you, it's going to be amazing!”

Cooked to a perfect medium rare.

“Look at that juice!”

You've got to have a plan to get through this.

I take my time.

Cutting off a hunk, and breaking it into pieces.

The horseradish, both cream and fresh, helps a lot.

Over the next twenty minutes, I take it down ounce by ounce.

Finally, the last few bites remain.

The prime rib goes down- Weatherman wins!

But now, it's time for that dessert.

I try some of each, but I'm thinking these pastries will have their 'just desserts.'

But it's too much for me.

Dessert wins.

Wow, that meat.

I wonder if he could have finished dessert without the potatoes and beans.
Anyways, Andrew is always looking for new challenges.

If you have any ideas for him to try to take down, send him an email.

Check out Brownstone on State at-

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