Weatherman Versus Food - Black Dog Pub Two


Published 02/27 2014 09:41PM

Updated 03/03 2014 08:43AM

It's Friday, and WFFT weekend meteorologist Andrew Logsdon is back with your weekend appetizer- another Weatherman Versus Food challenge.

This week, we return to the Black Dog Pub in Fort Wayne for a big huge tenderloin and chips challenge.

Seven months later, and this dog still bites.

We're back at the black dog pub and Jeffrey is here to take on the big tenderloin challenge.

He's got to eat this massive sandwich, and a plate of chips, in fifteen minutes.

"I ate last night, one thing, and I'm pretty confident that I'll still do good,” says Jeffrey Cook.

Out it comes.

"Good luck."

He quickly plots his course- navigating a path through the kraken.

"Let's see if it works."

"We're staring the clock."

And he dives right in.

He nearly swallows the first two pieces.

And just about as fast, he finishes the whole sandwich in under seven minutes.

But now- all these chips.

Can he do what I couldn't?

He crunches away and drops the entire plate!

Final time- 13:11.

He wins a shirt, and a victory over the weatherman!

And get this- after he finished that meal, someone in the restaurant challenged him to eat another for one hundred dollars.

That one, he finished half.

If you want to compete in a challenge, send Andrew an email.

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