Weatherman Versus Food - Big Rack Two


Published 05/14 2014 07:04PM

Updated 05/19 2014 08:38AM

Hold on to your hats for this.

It's Friday, and tonight on Weatherman Versus Food, we're back at Rack and Helens in New Haven, where WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon has a challenger who is eating a giant burger, plus sides in just fifteen minutes.

One of the region's largest burgers is right here in New Haven at Rack and Helens.

Ean is back, and he's ready for the Big Rack Burger Challenge.

"I didn't eat nothing today, and I didn't eat nothing yesterday... Just chew, chew, chew and get it down as fast as Ican,” says challenger Ean McFadden.

He'll need to go fast.

He's got to eat a huge double burger, plus fries and macaroni salad, in just fifteen minutes.

"Do you need anything else?"


Except maybe an extra stomach.

He's got a strategy in mind, and cuts the burger into four pieces.

Time to see what he can do.

Ean's mouth meats the meat.

He swallows the first half of the burger with ease.

With most of his time left, he can coast to victory.

The only obstacle is his stomach- which is filling up.

And now, the final piece of that burger.

He doesn't even mess with the fries, and they're already gone.

And now, so is the burger.

He pounds the salad, and just like that-today, Ean beats the Weatherman!

Check out the Big Rack Burger Challenge at Rack and Helens-

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