Weatherman Versus Food - Big Eyed Fish - Fried Fish Challenge


Published 11/27 2013 05:51PM

Updated 12/02 2013 08:56AM

We've seen WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon dive all the way in with his food challenges.

This week, he's going hook, line and sinker for a huge pile of fried fish.

He's taking on a whale of a challenge in this week's Weatherman Versus Food.

This week, I sailed my boat down Wells Street in Fort Wayne to local aquatic establishment Big Eyed Fish.

Co-owner Tony Bryant brings his tradition over from the old 'Fish of Stroh' restaurant ten years ago.

And he's made me a challenge out of his biggest seller- fresh coldwater Alaskan pollack.

"I'm going to give you a pound of fish, and I'm going to give you ten minutes to eat it. And it should be no problem for you. Along with two dinner rolls,” Bryant says.

He makes it all by hand-

"And this is our secret recipe here."

Seven pieces, almost a pound and a quarter, go into the fryer.

They come up for air just in time for me to eat them.

"Whoa, look at that!"

"Hot sauce, malt vinegar, and we got some tartar sauce for you."

We start the clock.

"Oooooo, that's good."

And this Seattle boy is transported back to home, in my mouth.

"Look how flakey it is."

I can almost smell the salty air coming in from Puget Sound.

With the sauces, I make sandwiches with the rolls.

And time is flying by.

"Just under four minutes... Three pieces left."

I keep crunching, and sailing ahead.

And one bite remained.

"Seven minutes."

I'm hooked.

And this challenge is all fished out.

"And in the challenge of weatherman versus big eyed fish... Weatherman wins!"

And if you have any suggestions for Andrew for challenges you'd like to see him take on-

Send him an email.

Check out Big Eyed Fish at-

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