Weatherman Versus Food - Atz's North Two


Published 04/03 2014 10:31PM

Updated 04/07 2014 08:51AM

Friday night means another Weatherman Versus Food.

Tonight, we return to Atz's North in Fort Wayne.

You might remember last year when Andrew had to eat three meals at once for an 'All Day Challenge.'

He's got a new challenger trying to beat the weatherman on tonight's Weatherman Versus Food.

Tonight is a real treat for Cory Jenkins.

We're at Atz's North- just south of the IPFW campus- where he's taking on the 'All Day Challenge.'

A full breakfast, then dinner, topped off by the 'Mad Anthony Sundae.'
"I can't remember a specific time where I've eaten that much at one time but... I think I have a pretty big appetite, so I'm not too concerned. I think I can handle it,” Jenkins says.

He'd better be ready.

"Oh man, that's big. That's a lot of food."

He takes his time working on the hasbrowns, eggs, toast and bacon.
But no time to rest.

He dives into the chicken and noodles on top of mashed potatoes and cole slaw.

"You feeling it?"

"Uh huh."

The ice cream dish comes out for a little intimidation.

Dinner goes down.

And here it comes.

The Mad Anthony- five scoops- five sauces… and it's angry.

"Am I supposed to share this with somebody?"

He tries, but all that food is catching up.

He gives it one last go.

"I think I'm done, throwing in the towel."

This time, food wins.

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