Weatherman Versus Food - A Look Back


Published 01/10 2014 10:45PM

Updated 01/13 2014 08:29AM

It's Friday, and that of course means it's time for Weatherman Versus Food.

Tonight, we're taking a look back.

WFFT meteorologist Andrew Logsdon has competed in food challenges for the past eight months.

Here's a look at some of those highlights on tonight's Weatherman Versus Food.

We watched a lot of big things happen in the past eight months.

A lot of really big things.

I did my best against big burgers...

Big sandwiches...

Really big sandwiches...

Sometimes it was multiple sandwiches...

Or multiple meals.

Whether the weatherman competed against himself...

Or the clock...

Or even other people...

I always tried my best.

Not matter if it was the biggest thing I've ever eaten...

Or the spiciest.

The best times where when your buddies where there to help.

Along the way, I compiled a record of 23 wins to 14 losses.

Sure, I gained a little weight...

But mostly, I gained experience...

But now, we're looking at you.

It's your turn to tackle some of the same challenges I've done and even some new ones yet conquered.

Do you have what it takes to beat the weatherman?

Bring your best- and bring your appetite.

Email me at

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