Water Main Breaks Keep Local City Crews Busy

Published 02/17 2014 02:39PM

Updated 02/17 2014 02:47PM

Water main breaks caused by these extremely cold temperatures are keeping local city crews busy and they are creating a huge inconvenience for pedestrians and motorists.  They are even costing local business owners money.

It was an all too familiar sound.  The sound of rushing water coming from several different water main breaks. According to Frank Suarez with  Fort Wayne City Utilities, there's been at least 6 breaks within 24 hours.

"It's that time of season and the frost is down about 3 feet and that's the reason these mains keep breaking."

Fort Wayne crews worked for much of the day fixing breaks on State Blvd. between Kentucky and St Joe Road and another at the intersection of Sherman Blvd and Putman St causing cars to be rerouted and leaving pedestrians like Gene Hewitt inconvenienced.

"It was surprising because I came down to catch the bus on the regular route and the road was all torn up and traffic was diverted so it was unexpected."

Larry Leonhardt usually runs along this sidewalk but the water main break iced the cement over, changing his plans.

"It made it just a walk today, and a very slipper one."

The City of Fort Wayne plans on replacing 9 miles of pipe every year, an effort to cut down on the number of water main breaks.  Fort Wayne has had about 90 this year alone.

Along with inconveniencing drivers and pedestrians, the water main breaks are also costing Amy Vanover serious cash.

"Couple hundred dollars."

Amy owns her own beauty salon and without running water, she cannot shampoo her client's hair, forcing her to close her doors early.

"I'm going to have to call the remainder of my clients and reschedule them."

Due to the volume of water main breaks, city crews fix the most severe ones first.  If there is a minor break in your neighborhood, the city asks for your patience.

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