Warmer Weather Means Planting Season is Coming

By BROOKE WELCH | bwelch@wfft.com

Published 04/04 2014 02:08PM

Updated 04/04 2014 02:20PM

With the weather starting to get warmer, many of you at home are starting to think about planting vegetable gardens and flowers for the Spring and Summer seasons. 

WFFT's Brooke Welch spoke with experts about how you can put your "green thumb" to work this growing season.

Flowers, vegetables, and fruits mean planting season is right around the corner or is it already here?

"For instance, you can plant pansies right now.  You can plant cyclamen, and we have some other items like snap dragons.  They are all cold crop plants."

Plant Center Inc. General Manager Brian miller says cold crop plants can withstand temperatures of 25 degrees but for many veggies, fruits, and flowers like impatiens, you'll want to wait a little bit longer to break ground.

"You just have to be careful with the frost because we still could get frost at night, and you'll have to cover the plants, if that's the case.  We normally don't recommend to start planting until the first of May."

Until planting season begins, there are things you can do to start getting ready.

"Once it dries up a little bit you can start tilling up your garden, maybe work some topsoil into the top couple of layers.  Just to give the top couple of layers some added freshness.  More nutrients for the flowers when you start to plant them."

Also, you can do things now to keep weeds at a minimum this summer.

"The best way to get rid of weeds, is to prevent the weeds.  To do that before you put a fresh layer of mulch down for the spring, you want to use a pre-emergent."

If you follow these tips, your gardening should be a success this spring and summer.

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