Virtual School Dramatically Improves Local Girl's Grades


Published 08/13 2014 06:41PM

Updated 08/14 2014 08:30AM

While Southwest Allen County kids had their first day of school Wednesday, some people in our viewing area, are starting school in a more unconventional way. They are staying at home.

Seventh grader, Krystale Williams is speaking to her math teacher, at her living room.

It's all part of the Indiana Connections Academy, an online public school that began in 2010. Instead of going to a brick and mortar school, students have lessons and speak to real teachers through the computer.

Krystale's mom Jessi explains why they are virtual schooling.  "Started in fourth grade, and when we started her, her test scores were that of a second grade reading level. Which is way far behind, despite the efforts the brick and mortar school had provided. She still was that far behind."

Krystale tells us about the grades she received attending a traditional public school. "I think my lowest grade was an F, all through the school year. And my math grade was a C all through the school year."

After switching to virtual school, Krystale's grades have improved dramatically.

"She is now at or above grade level, in all of her test scores. She's a straight A student, she's working independently. She's, I mean, she's just flying. It's awesome, I love it."

The school doesn't cost anything. The lessons are online...and all school supplies for art, science, math, and school books are sent for free in the mail. Art projects are photographed to send to the teachers for grades, and Williams says switching to virtual school has been a great decision for their family.

"Simply because of the one-on-one interactions that they get. We're able to tailor the curriculum and learning styles to each of our child's different needs. And they've soared doing that."

The Williams three children go through all of the traditional ISTEP testing, just like a brick and mortar public school. If you would like more information about the Indiana Connections Academy, they are still enrolling for this school year. Here is the link:

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