UPDATE: Wabash Family Discovers Mold in Home

Published 04/29 2014 11:28AM

Updated 04/29 2014 11:42AM

An update to a story we've been following as a Wabash family discovers mold in their home.  They had no other choice but to move out and stay in a hotel.   The couple wrote to WFFT asking for help and Charnae Davenport met with the family to talk about their recent concerns.

She also has more information from a Parkview Physician to alert everyone at home of mold warning signs so your health doesn't suffer.

It took more than 2 years for this Wabash family to finally pinpoint the cause of their son's health.  The family is doing better health wise since they left their home but expenses are adding up and they don't know where to turn next if their insurance doesn't offer to step in.

"He's talking more, he's active.  He was not like that before."

Kristy Benzinger is relieved her son's health has drastically improved.  Now she says her biggest burden is paying for a hotel every night and not having any sign of possible reimbursement from her insurance company, the Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

"This isn't right what they're doing and I won't stop until we get it settled."

Test results from the Indiana State Department of Health show that levels of mold were highest in the baby's room.  Benzinger says she never understood why he didn't like being there until now.

"As a parent you do what you can to protect your kids.  He obviously knew there was something wrong but we didn't know, now we do and hopefully it will get resolved."

The State Health Department findings are as follows...
During the inspection, they found visible mold inside the closet and exterior wall of the master bedroom.
Visible mold was observed behind the wallpaper inside the kitchen.

They also left these recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency...
Remove and replace porous materials such as ceiling tile, carpet, and dry wall when these types of materials have been damp for more than 48 hours.

Their insurance company had this to say 5 days ago, "Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is investigating this claim.  We have not made a determination."

5 days and $750 dollars later in hotel expenses, the company has not offered any new information other than the couple is being mailed a copy of their policy.

Some advice for parents like the Benzingers who weren't aware of the signs?

"If the child continues to wheeze and have asthma attacks, basically then there must be some other trigger which you're not able to pinpoint so that's a time to consider mold."

If you're interested in helping the Benzinger family, they are accepting donations and words of encouragement through a fund me account online.  You can find it here.

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