UPDATE: Little Turtle Memorial Park

Published 08/13 2014 01:36PM

Updated 08/13 2014 02:02PM

Chief Little Turtle Memorial Park is a historic site located in a residential neighborhood near Downtown Fort Wayne.  Some concerned residents had initially reached out to WFFT about the condition of the park.

Now, a member of the Miami Tribe has also contacted WFFT about the park and WFFT's Rohma Siddiqui has the update.

"There was Little Turtle and several other Miami people that were buried there so for me, it's still a spot of respect."

Rex Engle, a concerned member of the Miami Tribe reached out to WFFT regarding the Little Turtle Memorial Park.

"The city's cleaned up some but they haven't cleaned everything up and there was like kids that had been in there writing with chalk.  It just seems disrespectful to me.  It is a grave site."

Rex wants to see more respect given to the historic site.

"I think the city is being irresponsible.  It was Kekionga before it was Fort Wayne."

Mike Jacobson lives next to the park and was one of the first residents to reach out to WFFT about it's condition.

"There's a little bit of problems, I think is the poison ivy and then trash vandalism that needs to be taken care of."

Mike tells us the city has taken out fallen branches.

"They took out some of the stuff that should have been left that's Indian culture."

It was WFFT's third time at the Chief Little Turtle Memorial site and there was not too much trash lying around, however, there was quite a bit of vandalism still on some of the rocks.

John Meinzen, Vice President of Spy Run Neighborhood Association, says the memorial has been cleaned up and he is grateful to the city but believes there is still work to be done.

"I'd like to see them bring in some mulch, especially for the council ring and wherever else it would be desirable."

Alec Johnson, City Landscape Architect at Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, tells us they have weekly scheduled maintenance visits to the park every Wednesday, since our story first aired.

"We're already doing it and what we're doing is were there every week, just like in our other park and we're cleaning the park and we're cleaning the graffiti.  So any graffiti that's happened since the last time we've been there.  Obviously, we haven't had a chance to deal with."

Rob Stone, another area resident, sent WFFT this statement regarding the cleanup process of the park.

"It didn't look anything like the last visit.  Weeds were gone, shrubs were manicured, and graffiti was gone."

WFFT will continue to bring you updates on this story.

Please contact Rohma at rsiddiqui@wfft.com if you have any concerns or suggestions.

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