UPDATE: Fort Wayne Mosquito Problem

Published 08/06 2014 01:57PM

Updated 08/06 2014 02:15PM

A Fort Wayne resident living on the west side of town reached out to WFFT because of a large mosquito problem in his neighborhood and now WFFT revisited that neighborhood to see if things are getting better.

The homeowners concern was the possible presence of West Nile in the area.  At the time, neighbors in the area blamed the outbreak on an idle construction site nearby.

In July WFFT reached out to Vector Control to let them know about the homeowners.

"The knats are horrible too."

Since last month, residents of Rosemont Drive have had enough of the mosquitos and bugs swarming through their neighborhood.

Polly Miller, a resident of Rosemont Drive tells us construction crews worked on the water main on the street for about 2 weeks, then stopped.  Since then, the holes are collecting water and trash.

"I'm concerned about two things.  One, the mosquitos have been horrible."

She says her son is covered in bug bites every time he goes out to play and even bug spray has not been working.

"Secondly, the water that sits there becomes stagnant."

Miller suffers from Bacterial Lung Infection and the stagnant pools of water are beginning to be a serious worry for her.

"Polly tells me these pools are quite deep and with these above-ground nets, little children could easily fall in, making it a huge safety hazard."

Bill Neil, who also lives on the street asked a water department representative how much longer these nets will be around.

"He said sometime this Fall but he didn't know for sure."

John Silcox, Communications Director for Allen County Department of Health tells WFFT that since our story first aired, Vector Control did visit the neighborhood and discovered mosquito larvae.

"You had contacted our office to find out if we were aware of the complaints that were being made about the mosquito issue in that area due to a construction project."

In fact, Vector Control has been to the area twice to treat the mosquito larvae in the past month.  They're scheduled to go back for a third follow up within the next week.

Emily Secheverell has not been able to study outside much as a result of the bugs.  She hopes the construction project wraps up soon.

"A lot of people here are worried."

WFFT will continue to bring you any updates on this story.

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