Unemployment Rates Fall Statewide and Rise Regionally

Published 03/18 2014 06:53PM

Updated 03/19 2014 08:38AM

A decrease in the state's unemployment rate is a sign of an improving economy. The unemployment rate went down in many states including Indiana in January.

The Hoosier state is now down to six point four percent which state officials say is the lowest it’s been in since 2008. Numbers are falling nationwide and statewide. However, in our region, some places are seeing a slight increase in unemployment.

There are 13,000 more Hoosiers with jobs than in 2008. Coming out of the worst winter in decades, it looks promising. However, the metropolitan area of Fort Wayne saw a higher unemployment rate than previous months. In December the Fort Wayne area had an unemployment rate of 5.9 percent, now the department of workforce development reports Fort Wayne’s rate slightly increased to 6 point one percent.

 “We can always improve,” said Rick Farrant from Northeast Indiana Works. He says this number should not be a concern because there are jobs available in this region.

 "It’s really important for us to figure out why we have jobs that are being left unfilled in the region," he said.

 Farrant says middle skill jobs are still challenging to fill. These are jobs that require at least a high school diploma but less than a four year degree. He says there are many open jobs in the industrial field, welding, nursing, and manufacturing.

"Those kinds of professions are in great need of skilled trained in many cases certified workers."

 Farrant says finding work can be difficult for job seekers, especially people with disabilities and criminal backgrounds.

Saturday March 22, 'Guardian' will hold a job fair to fill 50 manufacturing positions. Positions start at $12.50 and there is room for an increase. The fair is from 9am to noon at the Ligonier plant 860 W. U.S. 6.

Jobs can be searched anytime on IndianaCareerConnect.com.

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