Unassigned Streets

Published 02/18 2014 09:45PM

Updated 02/19 2014 08:50AM

 Shannon Olbin lives in Aboite Township, which was annexed back in 2006. Meaning her tax dollars now go to the City of Fort Wayne. However, she has never seen a plow truck on Carnegie Boulevard--It's the street right in front of her home.

“Snow is always covering to the point where cars are getting stuck in the median and going off road,” said Olbin. 

“It's hard to say where something slipped through the cracks but it definitely slipped through the cracks,” said John McGauley, Allen County Recorder. 

McGualey says the reason residents and business owners along Carnegie Boulevard haven’t seen a plow in their neighborhood is because the street technically wasn’t assigned  until recently.

“It's something we need to confront before we have a whole list of streets like this,” said McGauley. 

In order for a street to be claimed city property, paperwork similar to a deed must be turned into the recorders office, but McGauley says that document never landed in his office.  4th district City Councilman Mitch Harper. 

It's surprising to me that this wasn't part of a routine examination when the annexation took place in 2006,” said Mitch Harper, Fort Wayne City Councilman, (R-4th).    

Harper says he wants to know if there are any additional streets that have slipped through the cracks.

“I'm asking our city board of works to investigate all the transfers that happened in 2006 to make sure we don't have any other orphan streets,” said Harper. 

 If you are skeptical that your street might be unassigned like Carnegie Boulevard, McGauley suggests reaching out to the City Board of Works or the Allen County Highway Department.   

Carnegie Boulevard is now being plowed by the City of Fort Wayne.  A plow was seen clearing the road on Tuesday. 

We reached out to the director of Public Works for comment, but did not receive a response.   


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