Triple Threats Graduate Top of the Class

Published 06/01 2014 07:40PM

Updated 06/02 2014 09:28AM

Three local students, Austin Gallagher, Andrew Gallagher, and Alexander Gallagher are amongst the top ten students in their graduating class at Wayne High school in Fort Wayne.

The brothers are also identical triplets. They have a cabinet of academic awards to show. Now, their hard work is paying off.

"I never expected to be valedictorian I always thought, heck, my brother Austin would be valedictorian," said Andrew.

There can only be one valedictorian, but brother Austin isn’t far behind.

"I’m salutatorian at Wayne," said Austin.

Rounding it out is Alexander.

"I am ranked number ten, I’m just there," he said.

All three have a grade point average above 4.0. Their father Brian Gallagher couldn’t be more excited for their next life journey.

"This will be the first time they’ve ever been away from me more than ten days at a time," he said.

"I’m excited to split off from my brothers for once and get to experience my own life."

The brothers all have different career goals with aspirations in civil engineering, astro engineering and industrial graphic design. However, they won’t be far from each other. In fact, they’ll actually still be on the same campus.

"We’ll be at the same school but we'll be away from each other,” said Alexander. “Well be probably in the same dorms but different rooms."

The three will attend Purdue University this fall. The bond between the look a likes are strong. They’ve lived under the same roof for 18 years. Now its just baby steps until they’re completely apart.

"The great thing is they’ve always run with each other. When one falls behind, the other two go back and pick him up," said Brian Gallagher.

Now the young men prepare for their Wayne High School graduation and the rest of their lives.

"I feel like we've achieved something being in the top ten," said Alexander.

"I feel so proud of not only myself but my brothers just the fact that we were all able to be so successful in high school," said Andrew.

"I’ll definitely be the proudest parents there in the room," said Brian Gallagher.

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