Triple Shooting in Kosciusko County Leaves One Dead and Two Injured


Published 08/26 2014 06:57PM

Updated 08/27 2014 08:16AM

Back in 2009, Gary Helman was involved in a standoff with police at his residence on Doswell Drive. Fast forward to Monday night, and an altercation with two bounty hunters, cost him his life.

"It's no surprise how it ended up, but still shocking all the same."

David Hawthorne has been a friend of the family for years, and hung out with Gary less than 24 hours before his death.

"Last night when they came to get him. Gary's big thing is his constitutional rights, and that's his guns and uh, his well being.. and it played out, the way it played out unfortunately."

Police say three bounty hunters were attempting to serve an active felony warrant when a subsequent gun battle erupted with multiple rounds being fired inside and outside of the residence. When police arrived, 56 year old Gary Helman was dead, and his twin brother Larry Helman and Bounty Hunter Tad Martin were seriously injured.

Captain of the Kosciusko Sheriff's Department Aaron Rovenstine says there was a history of incidences at that location.
"We were more there as a cleanup after the fact. We had no involvement in the shooting incident, and yah, it's upsetting to our guys. And anybody else when somebody loses their life in that type of situation."

David says he's not surprised.
"When they got here, ya know...typical Gary. He wasn't going without a fight. So he barricaded himself, got his guns, and all hell broke loose. You see the result."

But David will remember Gary the way he saw him on Sunday.
"He was fine, he was completely fine. Ya know, smiling having a good time. He was Gary, everyone was leaving him alone, and he was fine with that."

According to David, Helman's mother is devastated to have lost her son last night, and to have her other son fighting for his life in the hospital.

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