Tree Kills Teenage Boy in Front of Best Friend


Published 07/01 2014 07:47PM

Updated 07/02 2014 01:37PM

At about 2 a.m. Monday morning, a large tree, slammed into 14 year old Danny Holbrook's bedroom. Killing him in front of his ten year old best friend, Corvitt Hollon.

Corvitt Hollon says he was hanging out with Danny on their phones, when they heard the crack of the tree.  "He just went "ughhh", that's all I heard."

Hollon was scared and ran to his home.  "I just saw, it was all covered. And I was under the trailer, and there was a little hole, so I got out of there.  He was stuck under the tree."

Hollon's mom, Christy says she was in shock when she saw the damage.  "Well, when I seen the tree on top of the trailer, I just broke down. Started crying. Couldn't believe he was in there, and had gotten out safely. And when I found out Danny had passed, I really broke down."

Grief was evident...Danny's 17 year old brother Dekota says he can't believe this happened.  "I want him to be remembered...he was a big skateboarder that's what he wanted to be..."

Zhenya Ogden spent many hours skateboarding with danny.  "And I was in my bed just crying so hard.  I could barely stand it. Even now I'm crying inside, it just hurts to lose someone you love, ya know."

Ogden gave Danny's dad a special gift.  "I even provided a board that he always wanted from me. I was like ok, well... that's a skateboarder's wish. To always have the board that they always wanted to be buried with them."

Danny lived a short life, that touched many.

Hollon says, "It's gonna be sad, because I really miss him. I want to play with him, but he's not here."

The tree fell down in Fairlane mobile park in Winona Lake.

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