Toledo Residents Purchase Water in Angola


Published 08/03 2014 10:12PM

Updated 08/04 2014 10:26AM

Many people from Toledo, were stocking up on water at the Angola Wal-Mart Sunday. 

People that were at the Angola Wal-Mart Sunday, said that the Angola Wal-Mart actually ran out of water Saturday night because of the crisis 80 miles away in Toledo. 

Toledo resident Brian Demars explains, "We're camping in Angola, thinking ok there will be plenty of water at Wal-Mart.  I come in, there's absolutely no water.  We had to call our aunt in Fort Wayne to see if they had water as well, to see if we needed to go all the way down there to get some."

Demars says that he thinks the contaminated water in Toledo caused his dog to get sick.  "Our dog was having little problems when she got to the lake, and we think maybe it was having an effect on her."

Demars was able to get six cases of water at the Angola Wal-Mart Sunday, and he's not alone. 

Toledo resident Cheryl Meade came to Angola to buy water, shower, and do laundry.  Meade says it's extremely inconvenient in Toledo right now, "We're not using any of it. No dishes, no laundry, no drinking it, no showers, we're just not using it."

Meade says she's shocked about the water issues.  "They say often you can't swim in it, but I've lived there my whole life and I've never run into, you can't use it."

Other Toledo residents shopping in Angola say the situation in Toledo is very concerning.

"They are saying right now, it's not safe to boil, and normally that's what you do in a water situation is to boil it.  And they claim that even makes it worse.  I'm not sure, I haven't heard anytime at all as far as how long."

"It's pretty crazy, there is no water on the shelves anywhere.  My aunt lives in south Toledo, and had her son from Georgia picking up a bunch of water, because there is nothing on the shelves."

With so many Ohio residents at Wal-Mart, the water issue is affecting Hoosiers as well.  Steve Coburn says he couldn't make his regular water purchase today.  "Yeah, well we went in to get water for our baby, and we usually get the gallon jugs, and the gallon jugs are completely gone.  So we had to buy bottled water, and they have plenty of bottled water, but the gallons are gone." 

Indiana resident Joe Main says the timing is terrible since he leaves on Monday to vacation on Lake Erie.  "Yeah, it's a big inconvenience because we have to use space in our vehicle for water, that we would have used for stuff we're taking on vacation."

Many of the Toledo residents interviewed said even when the ban is lifted, they don't want to start using the water again right away.  There are concerns that their pipes and water heaters will still contain the contaminated water. 

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