Three Rivers Festival has Family Friendly Activities and Aerial Views


Published 07/13 2014 09:15PM

Updated 07/14 2014 09:32AM

The 46th annual Three Rivers Festival kicked off on Friday, and with food, rides, and concerts there is something for everyone the family.

"To me the family atmosphere. You don't really see that normally a lot of times throughout the year. Once we hit the summer a lot of events are geared towards family time," Festival attender Zack Bartholomew.

Three Rivers Festival Jack Hammer says the family atmosphere is on purpose. "There are people all over downtown enjoying wonderful events. From our boat rides, we have over 30 percent more rides, thrill rides and kiddie rides. We're just trying every year to outdo what we've done in the past."

Saturday's family day started off with a parade enjoyed by all ages.

"I love the parade, it's hard to get to because you've got to park. So I just park where I can, I've been coming here since I was eight or nine."

"Watch the parade."

"I came downtown because my daughter works for Friedmen Franklin Jewelers, and they are marching in the parade this morning."

There are a lot of family, friendly activities at the Three Rivers Festival this year. But one of them allows you to see Fort Wayne from a different point of view...the sky.

"He and I love helicopters, I'm going to try and talk him into letting me fly it, so..."

"I get to ride the helicopter my very first time. Are you excited? Yes, very excited."

"We just kept seeing it fly back and forth and thought it would be fun."

Lines have been steady, since aerial views of Fort Wayne are something you don't see everyday. Paratus Owner, Steve Overy says,"We have, we actually yesterday, we shut the helicopter off one times in ten hours. and that was just to put some oil into the helicopter. so it was pretty amazing, a pretty amazing experience."

The $20 price tag has been the same for years. "We charge $20 to ride, and we haven't raised the rates once. And we don't plan on doing it, we're trying to keep it price friendly, for families and the local community."

Hammer explains why the festival appeals to people of all ages.  "There's a lot of heritage with the festival. Three generations have stories about the festival now. I can tell you i sat on the curb and watched my grandfather and father march in the parade."

There are nonstop events all week long, and something for everyone. Ending with a fireworks display on Saturday. For more information on upcoming events, you can click on this link: 

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