Swimming Pools Opening for Season Over Memorial Day Weekend

By BROOKE WELCH | bwelch@wfft.com

Published 05/23 2014 02:17PM

Updated 05/23 2014 02:26PM

Swimming pools in the area are opening for the season this holiday weekend and while for many people that means a lot of fun, it can also lead to dangerous accidents.

Last year the Allen County Coroner's Office reports 11 drowning investigations.  WFFT's Brooke Welch spoke with experts about how you can keep your family safe at the pools this summer.

While an enjoyable summer pastime is lounging by the pool, people should also be aware of the dangers.

"The he went underneath the water, so I had to go out, grab him, pulled him out of 18 feet deep of water, he wasn't breathing, he had a weak pulse."

Evan Welter has been a lifeguard for 5 years and saved as 17 year old's life.

"It was probably a good 8 minutes of CPR, before we had him breathing and back to life."

So how can parents keep something tragic from happening at the pool?  Welter says to put down your phone.

"I actually had to do a save one time, a person was standing right next to their kid, an infant child fell face first in and they never noticed because they were on their phone."

The Park Director of Columbia City, Mark Green says lifeguards are there to help, not babysit.

"Always keep an eye on them.  Even if it is a place that has lifeguards, you also want to watch them yourself, not just allow the lifeguards to be babysitters."

Green also says to have a buddy system, make children aware of the water depth, wear life jackets, and sunscreen.  In Welter's case, Ryan Lengacher in the middle of this photo shown, survived but Welter wants to stress how quickly an accident can happen.

"In an instant, was doing fine one second and the next instant, he wasn't able to go out any further, I had to go out and grab him."

Follow their advice and we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

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