Survey Results Suggest Huntington Co. Residents Support Wind Farm


Published 02/26 2014 07:35PM

Updated 02/27 2014 08:42AM

Wind energy turbines could be blowing their way into Huntington County soon.

A national company says it has local support to build the wind farm near warren, but not everyone is happy about the proposed farm.

Representatives from Apex Clean Energy say the results of a recent survey says nine out of ten Huntington County residents support wind energy and three in four say it should happen in that county.

WFFT spoke with people who live close to where this wind farm would go.

"On my property? Yea, i would greatly consider it,” says Shawn McCoy.

McCoy has lived east of warren for eighteen years and has no problem with a wind farm moving in next door.

"I actually think it's a pretty good idea. It'll save a lot of energy. And I just think it's a great way to get energy to produce it for this entire county,” McCoy says.

This past September, apex clean energy reached out to 300 Huntington County residents to see if residents would accept a wind farm.

Rob Propes of Apex says most people said yes.

"What we wanted to do was not only find out if people were supportive of wind energy generally, but would they be supportive of one in their county. And taking that down to even further, the micro level, would people be willing to have a turbine on their property,” Propes says.

Apex wants to put the farm in the southeast corner of Huntington County, east of Warren.

And that 2000 acre piece of land is all right here where they want to install 65 turbines.

Ned Ruble not only supports it- he signed up- and now has a test turbine on his farm.

"We did investigate beforehand, and we visited some wind farms, and listened to them, and observed what was going on, and we didn't have any objections to them, to the wind towers at all,” Ruble says.

In all, WFFT spoke with ten people- four in favor, four opposed, and two undecided- and most declined to go on camera.

The county is hosting a public meeting for comments on March 12th.

Propes says if the county approves the farm construction could start before  2016.

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