Students at New Haven High School Participate in Cardboard Boat Race

Published 09/03 2014 02:20PM

Updated 09/03 2014 02:27PM

Students at New Haven High School participated in the 15th Annual Cardboard Boat Race.

The students have to build boats out of cardboard and tape sturdy enough to support their body weight.

The race helps them apply theories learned in their physics class.

The race has three different categories.  Rafts, conventional boats, and mechanical boats.

Matt Derby, Physics Teacher at New Haven High School says, "The main concept we're looking at is buoyancy.  The concept is the water that you push away we call it displace, pushes back."

Devin Topp, Race Participant says, "I just built a conventional boat, just a kayak shape boat out of cardboard and purple duct tape to make it New Haven colors."

The winners of the Cardboard Boat Race will receive extra credit in their Physics class.

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