Storm Damage Not Limited to Koscuisko & LaGrange Counties


Published 07/02 2014 01:38PM

Updated 07/02 2014 01:46PM

The damage was not limited to Koscuisko and LaGrange Counties from the recent storm.  There were homes, schools, and churches damaged all around Northeast Indiana.

It ranged from minor things like trash cans over and these broken signs on Washington Center Road, to more damage.  The couple in this house in the video, watched a tree fall on their vehicle.  It took over an hour for the tree crew to remove all the debris and now the couple will have to get their vehicle repaired.

Brown's Tree Service Employee, Tony Luna says this has been on of their busiest days of the year.

"Well, we had one job this morning and once we got the first one, we've seen all kinds of trees down so we've just been swamped.  We just had one down the street, a couple doors down, that came and told us they needed to get their stuff done."

The Rock Church on St. Joe Road lost a major portion of it's roof and here you can see the insulation from the roof blown over a block away in a neighbor's yard.  Many of the houses on this street had tree damage and a utility pole even fell down over the road.

Homeowner Jason Moyer says high winds were evident Monday night.

"At about 2:00 we could hear the wind coming through and I got up and was just kind of watching as much as I could through the window.  We kind of took cover for a little while.  Once things start to calm down, I could see where I had trees down, had a telephone pole across the road over here."

With all of the damage, Moyer is thankful things are not worse.

"Very thankful, I have multiple vehicles sitting here.  The largest tree that's in my front yard came down and actually landed right between all of them.  So we didn't end up with any vehicle damage.  The little bit of damage to the house was just some roof shingles.  It's easily replaced so that's always a good thing."

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