State Leaders Considering Bill for IPFW to get Designation


Published 02/03 2014 01:53PM

Updated 02/03 2014 02:05PM

Over 13,000 people are currently enrolled at IPFW, and statistics show that 80% of them will continue to live in Northeast Indiana after graduation.

The University has a big impact on the local economy and now State Leaders are considering a bill that would give this University the designation of a Metropolitan Campus instead of it's current regional designation.

IPFW is in a situation that is very unique to most universities throughout the county.  51% of the students receive an Indiana University diploma, while 49% receive a Purdue University diploma at graduation.

"I would argue there's no other campus like this in the United States.  Where you have 2 premiere AAU institutions that are offering their programs in 1 place."

That's Vicky Carwein, the Chancellor at IPFW.  Indiana House and Senate are currently considering bills that would alter IPFW's governance structure.

"We feel a different kind of classification would really help to better explain who we are."

So what would a different classification mean?
First off, IPFW Officials say they would like more funding, and more flexibility to create post graduate programs that meet the needs of businesses in our local area.

John Sampson, CEO with Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership is conducting a study to see what the options are to make those tow goals a possible reality for IPFW.

"The full range of options.  A candid look at independence, to improving the relationship with Purdue and strengthening that relationship."

One of the schools the study will be evaluating, is the University of Southern Indiana.  That school broke it's connection with Ball State in 1985 to form it's own independence.  If IPFW were to do something similar, the University would most likely see a name change.

However, the Chancellor sees great value in degrees from Purdue and IU, and nothing will be decided until the Indiana Legislature reviews the results of the study, which won't be complete until May.

"We are very proud that we are offering both of those degrees here at IPFW.  So we value that, having said that, if there are some models that would improve how we function.  Models that would put us in a better position to help us improve the needs of Northeast Indiana, then we could certainly take a look at that."

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