State Boulevard Renovation Plan Moves South


Published 06/30 2014 10:25PM

Updated 07/06 2014 08:16PM

A proposed plan to change State Boulevard between Spy Run Creek and Clinton Street has raised a lot of controversy.

Tonight- ARCH Fort Wayne introduced an alternative that could limit the impact to people who live in this area.

It would impact all of us who drive that street, and could end up being quite a bit cheaper to build and displace none of the Eastbrook homes.

ARCH Fort Wayne hired an independent study firm to come up with a new plan.

Their proposal moves the new State Boulevard south around all the Eastbrook homes through existing park land.

The big new feature- two roundabouts- one at Westbrook and State, the other at the existing Clinton and State intersection.

Also, the bridge across spy run creek moved south as well.

Representatives say that moving the proposed bypass south allows more river flow through and could reduce flooding.

It also allows the city to resume the buyback of Eastbrook homes from all that flooding.

Vickie Wright lives in one of those homes prone to flooding and she says it's about time.

"Being a flood victim myself a year ago, we experienced it. I understand how they feel. They've had a multitude of times they've had water in their homes. I understand where they're coming from, and I think this is a great opportunity to open that door back up for them to get the resolution that they deserve,” Wright says.

A few residents at the meeting did raise opposition to the new plan, like Karl Dietsch.

His concern is how the new roundabouts would handle the three lanes of traffic travelling south on Clinton Street being funneled into two lanes.

"This plan we saw tonight forces the three lanes to go into a one-lane capacity roundabout, even though there's two lanes in the roundabout, only the outside lane can turn out of the roundabout, which limits it,” Dietsch says.

A comment period remains open on the proposal until July 18th.

If you want to send in your thoughts, contact ARCH at—

After that, it goes to the federal government for changes and approval before going to the city to adopt this alternate plan.

If it's all approved, construction would begin in 2018.

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