Snow Returns to the Region


Published 02/04 2014 07:40PM

Updated 02/05 2014 09:40AM

Our next big snow storm has arrived to the region.

It seems we've barely had time to breathe between them lately.

January was already the snowiest month on record- putting this winter fifth among the snowiest ever for the area...and let’s remember, winter isn't over yet.

It started to come down around five twenty.

And already we've got several inches of new snow since them.

Those icy roads are now even slicker.

WFFT spoke with people today who say they are sick of all this snow and also with a city official who says this is like some of our most historic snow years.

And it's back.

Snow has already returned to the region Tuesday.

But really, it never left.

Many busy streets had been cleared, but many side streets still look like this.

And these piles- a reminder of the winter we've had.

"At first, I thought it was kind of cool, a few days off of school. But now it's just like, I'm getting sick of it, I just want school to be back on normal schedule,” says Michael Delzoppo.

"It's just winter. I used to live in North Dakota, Minneapolis, and Syracuse, New York, so I'm used to cold weather. And lots of snow,” says Carol O’Shaughnessy.

But even she says it's gone on for too long.

"I think this one's worse,” O’Shaughnessy says.

City, county and state road crews are expected to work through the night to prevent scenes like this flipped-over car.

Fort Wayne city council member Mitch Harper says there's no need to worry about them running out of salt.

"They can immediately respond if our appropriations for salt gets rather low... It's a fairly large item in the street department budget, but it's planned for every year, and we haven't run out yet,” Harper says.

Harper compares this year to the record 1981-82 winter, which topped out at just over sixty-one inches of snow.

As of this afternoon, Fort Wayne had nearly forty-three inches with half the winter still to go.

"The thing with the 81-82 winter was that you had a situation like we are now experiencing now in the last two weeks, where the snowfall doesn't completely go away. We then have another round of snowfall. It's piling up as high as you can see, and those piles are as hard as concrete,” Harper says.

It's hard to imagine that all this snow right here is basically from the parking lot- an entire winter's worth of snow.

But it's even harder to imagine that even more could be coming.

But really, that's our reality.

We could get ten inches total through Wednesday, then a few more inches over the weekend.

"If this continues through the rest of February, we get into march, we could have a situation in 1982 with the rains coming, the ground is frozen, can't absorb any more water,” Harper says.

Of course, local officials advise everyone to stay off the roads tonight and tomorrow unless it's absolutely necessary.

Dress warmly if you do need to go outside, maybe stretch a bit before you shovel… you know this, we've been over these far too many times this summer.

And yes, don't look now guys, but we could have more this weekend, and many are predicting the rest of February to be just as cold- and just as snowy.

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