Snow and Rain Result in Roof Issues Around the Area


Published 02/25 2014 02:10PM

Updated 02/25 2014 02:21PM

All of this snow and rain we've been experiencing has resulted in roof issues around the area, three major ones just last week. 

Now, most residential houses don't have flat roofs, but that doesn't mean they can't be affected by the wind and drifting snow.

WFFT's Brooke Welch met with a local home inspector that show us things you can do inside and outside to take care of your roof.

The top part of your house, your roof, can take a beating from snow storms, wind, and hail.  There are a number of things that can cause a problem.

"Accumulation of snow, abnormal snow piles on the roof fields."

Jeff Fanger of Home Pro Inspections explains the best way to remove snow from your roof.

"My advice or recommendations are not to get on the roof to shovel it off.  That's number one.  They do have products out there, long poles with rakes that you can use to pull snow off."

He says you can damage the roof if you rake too closely to the shingles.

"That'll damage the shingle.  The aggregate will come off and then you can get leaks from that point.  So just take enough snow off, in large snow build up areas, just to get the weight off the roof."

There are also ways from the inside to tell if your roof is being damaged.  First you have to get up into your attic.  Fanger then says to inspect the beams attached to the roof.

"This board here should be straight.  Straight and true.  If it has a bow in it, you may have a structure or issue with too much snow load on the roof."

Fanger says you should also inspect main beams for cracks, and look at chimneys, vents, and the entire roof to see if there is any discoloration, meaning moisture could be getting through.

The last thing to clean is the gutters.

"If those are blocked with ice or debris, the water can't get away, and it works its way back up into the shingles where the ice dams."

If you follow this advice, you can help keep your roof in working condition.

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