Shoveling Out From Winter


Published 02/05 2014 03:26PM

Updated 02/06 2014 08:30AM

The snow seems to keep on coming.

Nearly ten more inches fell Tuesday night and Wednesday across northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio.

It seems like we've been shoveling that snow all winter.

And just when it's finally all cleared- it snows again.

WFFT was out getting the scoop on the roads and driveways across Fort Wayne.

We’re just trying to get the car dug out.

And like many of you around the region, this is what's been going on all day- and yet, even all winter as well.

We talked to some of you to find out just how you're dealing with all this shoveling, and all this snow.

"I've been out since... Well I got up for school yesterday and I've been up since then, so I've been out all day,” says Chase Pranger.

Pranger works for a plow company.

They've been out all night clearing off roads, driveways and parking lots.
"'Does your dad make you shovel at home too?' Yea, he does actually. We do the shoveling and we do the... Snow blower,” Pranger says.

Plenty of people were working the shovel today in Fort Wayne as close to ten inches fell through Wednesday.

William McGrath and his wife have lived here since the sixties.

"This one here has probably been, I'm going to say probably the worst as far as staying cold... Snow on the ground, you don't get rid of it because it's been cold,” McGrath says.

Wayne Johnson is hard at work with his snow thrower.

"Oh, about two and a half, three hours... Six, I think I did today... I'm real sick of it. It can end any time, shut it right on off,” Johnson says.
Ian McFadden works as a welder.

He's missed some days of work this past month.

He says this winter reminds him of his childhood.

"Not in a long time. I remember when I was a kid back in the eighties, we used to get snow like this. But after we get into the nineties and two-thousands, we didn't see nothing like this,” McFadden says.

At least we get a few days when all this stops- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

Then more snow's coming on the weekend, and more next week.

And pretty much this whole month looks like it's going to be cold and snowy.

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