Shadarobah Horse Rescue to be Evicted, Needs Help

Published 03/19 2014 07:38PM

Updated 03/20 2014 09:46AM

Shadarobah is the largest horse rescue in Northeast Indiana. They've called the land on 10113 Goshen Rd. home for the past five and half years. 
Shadarobah is a Native American word that means may the future be better than the past. A word that not only represents the future of these rescued horses but now the future of their home.

"This past Saturday we were notified of the current property owners in person that there was an immediate eviction order to have us removed," said Shadarobah President, Michelle Heitz.

She says, they rent the land, but the current owner, Darryl Agler, wants to sell the property. Agler wants them evicted by Friday at 9a.m. Heitz wanted to buy the land, but says Agler is asking for more than the property value.

"At this point were open to moving anywhere in Northeast Indiana," said Heitz.

Shadarobah currently cares for 41 rescue horses, two goats and a donkey. She says it would be too expensive to relocate in a temporary space because it’s too costly. Right now her attorney Cody Williams is working on buying more time.

"We desperately need a 30-day extension first of all to find a location or to continue with negotiations on this location and to continue raising money and volunteers,” said Williams.

"Even at thirty days were going to need help from hundreds of people to pull that off," said Heitz.

Heitz also lives in a house on the property, so not only does she have to move close to 50 large animals, but she needs to find somewhere for her and her family to live. Agler's attorney did release a statement saying

"Darryl Agler has been asked to respond to media inquiries regarding his action for repossession of 10113 Goshen Rd., Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Mr. Agler sold the property to Shane and Michelle Heitz by land contract on June 10, 2008. The contract called for monthly payments and a balloon payment on June 30, 2010 (along with payment of taxes and insurance). The Heitzs' performance is best be summarized in the Complaint filed against them in this matter (Daryl Agler v. Shane Heitz and Michelle Heitz, Allen Superior Court, Cause No.: 02D01-1312-CC-1975)/
Darrell was forced to protect his interests when he filed the Complaint against Heitzs on December 10, 2013. The matter was set for hearing on December 23, 2013 on the issue of repossession. Shane and Michelle Heitz agreed, through their attorney, that Mr. Agler would have possession of his property on February 5, 2014 at noon. They also agreed not to remove any permanent fixtures to the property. As the Heitzs did not voluntarily vacate the property by February 5, 2014, Mr. Agler, through his attorney, signed the Writ Book directing the Allen County Sheriff to assist Mr. Agler in regaining possession his property. Through coordination with the Allen County Sheriff, it was agreed that the Sheriff would effectuate repossession on March 21, 2014 at 9 AM. In short, Michelle and Shane Heitz have had notice at least since the filing of this action of Mr. Agler's intention to regain possession of his property.
After Mr. Agler gains possession, he intends to allow for the orderly transfer of the animals to any subsequent farm that the horse rescue may acquire.
Darrell has recruited seasoned horse lovers to assist him in caring for the animals during the period of time that they may be responsible for the animals. These people have contacted local volunteers and veterinarians to assist them while the animals are in their care. Additionally, the Indiana Board of Animal Health along with the State Veterinarian have been contacted and informed of Mr. Agler's intentions."

Shadarobah's attorney will be filing an extension at the Allen County Courthouse Thursday morning. The hope is to get a 30 day emergency extension to move out.

The rescue is in need of any funds and helping hands. To donate visit

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