Severe Storms Leave Behind Property Damage


Published 07/27 2014 10:26PM

Updated 07/28 2014 09:15AM

Severe weather came through our viewing area Sunday afternoon with hail and wind gusts at 60 to 70 miles an hour.

While most of the damage in our area was power lines or large trees down in yards, there was one family on the east side of Fort wayne that actually had a tree land on their home.

"Oh my God.  It was just so dark, cloudy, the wind was just coming through, and all I heard was a boom."  Lechon Laird was shocked to see the noise was a tree landing on their home.  "I thought someone ran a car into the house.  I didn't think of a tree, I was like oh my God...what was that?"

Laird says she's glad she brought the kids inside when she did.  "So thankful.  THank God right now that didn't come through the house and hurt any of the kids."

And Laird's not the only one in our viewing area that's thankful. 

"Yah, we are very thankful.  We were most worried about those trees up by the house, but we are very fortunate that we didn't lose the dogs out there, right next to the tree." Angie Coe lives north of Churubusco and says this was the worst storm she can remember.  "Well, it just kind of came through like a hurricane, and that is no joke."

Winds strong enough to bring down two large trees in her yard.  "The winds were coming from all directions...all directions.  And you couldn't see the fields, because everything, the rain was coming in so heavily and being blown all over the place."

In other areas, power lines were down.  Dorothy Parker has a little bit of cleanup but is glad the hail didn't damage her roof.  "Of course mine is right here on the corner, but the other ones the wind when it hit, it might have damaged some of them.  But we're very blessed."

There was also large hail in Adams County this weekend. 

All State Insurance Agent Darren Vogt explains what to do if you discover damage from this weekend's storms.  "Each company is going to have a different process.  Some may want photos, some may want to send an adjuster out to look at it, some may say get a contractor.  But I definitely recommend making sure you talk to your agent to make sure you do the right thing for whatever process each company is."

To protect your property during these storms, Vogt also recommends meeting with your agent to review your insurance policy every two years to make sure you're getting the best deal and the best type of coverage for you family. 

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