Several Drunk Driving Accidents Over the Weekend


Published 07/21 2014 10:17PM

Updated 07/22 2014 08:15AM

Michael Joyner, with the Fort Wayne Police Department, said over the past weekend, there were two really serious accidents both resulting in critical injury accidents, the constant factor: alcohol.

Joyner said, "Here in the immediate area we’ve had several accidents and it appears several have involved alcohol.”

The first being Saturday that involved a single motor vehicle accident it was traveling northbound on Runnion Ave. in the 1000 block. Joyner said, "There’s a set of railroad tracks that crosses the railway and due to speed and the fact that the driver was under the influence of alcohol lost control of the vehicle and it rolled several times and impacted a utility pole."

 The second accident involved a single motor vehicle accident involving a SUV with a driver 3 times over the legal limit.

 Joyner said, "Saw him weaving in and out of lanes he lost control of the vehicle impacted a poll it required extrication from firefighters."

 So with these accidents what are new drivers learning to prevent them from driving home after drinking?

Betti Brandtmiller, Co-owner of Safeway Driving School in Fort Wayne said 1 in 7 drivers in Allen County over the weekend are intoxicated. She shows her students’ critical accidents to demonstrate to them, the consequences that go with getting behind the wheel after drinking.

 Brandtmiller said, "We really stress preparing in advance to make your decision while you’re sober who’s going to be your person if you’re in an awkward situation. "She said, "We have videos that are pretty graphic that show the after affects of what happens."

Brandtmiller said no matter what, drinking and driving is never ok., "Never get behind the wheel of the car ever if you’ve had one drink or someone that has had one drink no matter what they say."

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