Senator Tom Wyss Recognized for Long Successful Career

Published 04/16 2014 01:45PM

Updated 04/16 2014 01:58PM

Senator Tom Wyss was recognized for his long and successful career as the Allen County Board of Commissioners honored the retiring senator with an award and thanked him for his many years of service.

WFFT's Tara Petitt sat down one on one with the Senator and has his thoughts on his nearly 40 year long political career.

"Another Senator who retired this year made a comment. He said 'you know there are three ways you leave this job and he said two of em aren't acceptable'."

This November will mark 38 years of political service for Senator Tom Wyss.

"It's been a successful career and I've been able to do a lot of things, I think, for the State as well as my community.  So it was time to go, and I decided this was gonna be it."

The Allen County Board of Commissioners presented Senator Wyss with an engraved glass award and a resolution during its legislative recap breakfast.  The award was given to honor his extraordinary life as a public servant. 

Allen County Commissioner, Teherese Brown says...

"This being the last year that Senator Wyss was going to be in office, we thought it only appropriate that we should recognize him for not only his service to the state of Indiana, but obviously to the citizens of Allen County- specifically his district- District 15."

"I always say I could never've planned my life- how it ended up.. what I did, and so forth. But the Government thing has been one of real awards. I tell people that it has been the most rewarding and satisfying thing that I've ever done in my life- was to be a Senator."

Senator Wyss has seen many changes in politics during his many years of service, specifically a change in compromise between both parties.

"I think Government has to get back to that compromise where we recognize that there are people on both sides that may think they have the right answer, and a combination of that may be what the answer is."

With the Primary Election just 3 weeks away, Wyss isn't letting on just yet, who he will endorse.

"There are four candidates in this race that are in the primary. There are two of them that are pretty close to me, that either one of them could win this and I'd be perfectly happy."

During his time in office, Wyss says he's most proud of authoring bills requiring everyone to wear a seat belt, prohibiting the practice of texting while driving, and lowering the legal limit of the State's drunken driving law to .08.

 "Saving lives, making sure that people are well aware and educated about getting behind the wheel and the dangers thereof, and being an advocate for those that have been in situations. Those are the things that I think he's gonna really be remembered for. Thirty years is a long time, so he's gonna be sorely missed."

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