Senate Candidates Disagree on Mailer

Published 05/03 2014 04:42PM

Updated 05/05 2014 09:11AM


With the primary election just days away, one of the most highly contested races is heating Up. Two of the candidates running for Senate District Seat 15 are disputing whether a mailer sent out to Allen county voters is truthful.

 Darren Vogt and Liz brown are both vying for Indiana senate district seat 15, a race that’s now surrounded by controversy.

“I have mediated domestic cases here in Allen County,” said Liz Brown. 

Brown wanted to set the record straight after her opponent sent out a mailer Friday claiming that Brown has never mediated a case. 

“When you look at the mailer that was sent out you see that it was sourced and that we credited those sources. We thought what we sent out was a fair and factual piece. 

Vogt is referencing a state database that tracks how many cases every mediator in the state has mediated.  However, the records show that Brown hasn’t mediated a case.   

“I don’t dispute the fact that she’s a registered mediator but when you look at the website that tracks the registration and talks about how many cases they’ve had, it shows that she charges $100 an hour and it shows there are zero cases tried,” said Vogt.     

“The facts were misstated that I have never mediated a case and that’s patently not true,” said Brown

Brown supplied County records of her previous mediation work, showing that she in fact has served as a mediator.  However, Vogt is standing his ground.   

“All I can go by is what the state of Indiana has on its website which is zero cases filed,” said Vogt

“This isn’t about improving my chances, this is about getting the facts and telling the truth to the voters,” said Brown. 

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