Seasonal Businesses Heating Up


Published 04/02 2014 09:27PM

Updated 04/03 2014 08:43AM

With the snow finally gone, the doors are opening for seasonal businesses across the region.

But since that snow took so long to melt away, will your favorite ice cream place or nursery open on time?

WFFT takes a look how these types of local businesses have been effected by the long hard winter.

And it's even warmed up enough you can be outside here without a coat.

So as we're warming up, these seasonal businesses are starting to heat up and begin to open.

The sounds of spring.

"It smelled like spring and I've never been more excited to have spring coming than this year,” says Jeff Moore of Stuckey’s Greenhouses.

That wait is finally over.

Spring is here, and places like Stuckey's Greenhouse are about to open.

But that weather pushed back the date.

"Especially this year it's been a little dicey. Had to play catch up for the first couple of weeks, just as delays came in getting some stuff in, but everyone's starting to report for duty at about the right time. So we're about back on schedule,” Moore says.

Stuckey's Lima Road store opens in about a week.

Already open since mid-March is Zesto, which for them is also a little late.

"We're usually ready, we start getting ready in March, as soon as march hits, and this year, you know, with all the snow, and we just were waiting and waiting, and it was just hard to think about opening with all the snow this year,” says Zesto franchise owner Erika Baker.

The city of Fort Wayne opened its three golf courses this past Friday- about two weeks late.

"Snow melt is kind of a funny thing because it usually melts before the ground can absorb it. So standing water was a bit of an issue, although it wasn't bad... We're started mowing, we started mowing this week. So we've mowed pretty much all the grass decay that's called 'snow mold,’” says Fort Wayne Parks Department Manager of Golf Operations Rick Hemsoth.

So if you want to find out more about who's open already, and when those hours are-

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