Scam Alert: Better Business Bureau Says Watch Out For Fake IRS Calls

Published 07/09 2014 03:23PM

Updated 07/09 2014 03:34PM

The Better Business Bureau of NE Indiana says calls are being received from a 202 area code from callers who claim they are with the IRS.  The caller ID even shows the calls are being received from Washington, DC.

The calls being received have people panicked, as they are told that they are in trouble, have committed a crime in that they failed to pay their income taxes for multiple years.  In order not to be arrested and jailed, they must give checking account access to the IRS.

The calls being reported are not identical.  Some people are being told that they will be served court papers.  Other calls are reported to have come from the Federal Financial Litigation.  The one common thread of all of the calls is that bank account information is requested and that persons are being accused of failure to pay taxes.

The BBB says the IRS would never call in this fashion.  Threatening jail time or law suits via a phone call by any organization is an offense that should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission (877-382-4357).  Any pending, legitimate, legal action will come by mail courier and will not request bank account information.

If you do have concerns regarding the IRS, please call them at 800-829-1040.  For any concerns or reports regarding this scam or others, give the Better Business Bureau of NE Indiana a call at 260-918-2067.

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