Save Maumee Canoe Trip for Local Grassroots Organization

Published 04/21 2014 02:11PM

Updated 04/21 2014 02:29PM

9 days, 2 states, and 141 miles on the river is what the local Grassroots Organization called "Save Maumee" is doing.

The group is canoeing along the Maumee River starting in Fort Wayne and ending in Toledo, Ohio.

Their goal is to educate and raise awareness of some of the problems currently plaguing the waterways.

"These things that separate us, we should find the things that we agree on, and everything comes back to the water."

Abby King is the Vice President and Founder of the "Save Maumee" Grassroots Organization.  The group of volunteers is on day 2 of their 9 day canoe trip across the Maumee River.  Each day on the water, the organization is GPSing trouble spots along the river and marking locations for future cleanups.

After 2 days on the water, they have already seen extensive amounts of pollution.

"We had some orange goo coming in from a pipe from a local industry along there.  There was a TV we almost dug out that somebody had literally thrown down there."

Katherine Holloway does environmental organizing in central Michigan, and is helping bring awareness to the poor standards of our waterways.

"We've lost most protections under the Clean Water Act that we at one time had.  Most of our waterways, majority of them are unprotected in most places."

Abby King says law protecting our waterways are being compromised by larger industries looking to gain a profit.  As an Aqua America shareholder, King recently received information from the privately owned water municipality, asking her to sway her vote in order to positively affect her stocks.

"This company is asking that I vote against the human right to water. I would never vote against the human right to water, just like nobody would."

Abby says her organization is hoping to bring awareness to companies like this.

"Is your water and utilities bill coming to more than 3% of all that you make?  Well, that means that they could go over that and there's gonna be real problems when water costs more than gas."

The "Save Maumee" Grassroots Organization is hoping that their canoe trip will shed some light on the current conditions of the rivers and also spread the message of how we are all affected by polluted waterways.

"Understanding how our waterways are so important to us and our health, our communities, and the strength of our economies, and then being able to take back that message with having seen what it looks like literally right now and a lot of places near where we live is just a powerful message."

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