Rock Gone, Controversy Remains


Published 05/20 2014 10:32PM

Updated 05/21 2014 08:20AM

An update to a story we've been following for you for the past several weeks.

Even though a rock honoring a former Paulding middle school teacher has been removed, the controversy continues.

WFFT was in Paulding Tuesday at the school board meeting- where another victim accused Don Schnepp of molesting him as a student over thirty years ago.

Dave Kinkade spoke to WFFT last week with molestation charges against Schnepp.

Tuesday was the first time he's talked publically about it, when he addressed the Paulding Exempted Village Schools board.

Kinkade says just removing the rock isn't enough- he wants the rock destroyed publicly.

He says it's the only way the community can move past this.

Also at the meeting tonight- former middle school secretary Dolores Whirret.

She says it was not possible to Schnepp to attack a teenage boy thirty-years ago.

She says he walked with crutches and had a difficult time getting around the school.

"We now have more than one who has spoke up, and all we ask is for you to publically announce that you will destroy the rock honoring Mr. Schnepp, and not do any future memorials. I'm not going to go away on this matter, and I won't rest until I get that,” Kinkade says.

"He was hit by a car that came up over the curb when he was a student at Ohio State University. It broke his hip in many places... I don't know after thirty-two years and thirty-four years that these boys can tell a story like this when this man has been dead for ten years,” Whirret says.

Afterwards, the school board issued a statement.

They say investigating the allegations has been difficult, as it occurred over many years, and most of the people involved are either dead or are no longer at the school or in administration.

"We have come to the consensus that it would be in the best interest of the students, staff, community and the school district to lay the matter to rest. To that end, the rock will be removed indefinitely, and no further memorial will be placed in the name of Don Schnepp on school grounds."

WFFT spoke with Kinkade after the meeting tonight.

He says he plans to take this issue national and has contacted some news organizations.

He added that by not destroying the rock, it's hurtful to him and other victims, but also the current students.

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