Residents Stock up on Sandbags to Prepare for Flooding

Published 02/21 2014 09:22AM

Updated 02/21 2014 09:31AM

Rain is melting away what's left of this snowy wintery season and with it comes flooding.  WFFT's Charlie De Mar stopped by several sandbagging locations around Allen County and spoke with those who are already seeing water invade their homes.

As the flow of cars was constant, some of the people were filling up sandbags to prevent rain from entering their homes but for others it was too late and they were just trying to use the sand as damage control.

The melting snow has brought flooded streets and those in need of sand, stopped by filling stations across the region.

"It's getting deep in here."

The brutal snow and rain water has slipped into garages and leaks through roofs.

"Our garage is going to be under water because all the water against the house is going to melt into the garage."

Keli was in need of some serious help and luckily Randy and Travis from local radio station 93.3 were there to give a helping hand. 

They spent the day bagging and delivering sandbags to those in need like Keli.

"It's probably going to keep flooding because of all the snow and all the rain and stuff like that so the most texts we get, the more people we can help."

"I'm hoping the sandbags help."

There are 90,000 storm drains in this city.  Frank Suarez with the City of Fort Wayne's Public Works Department says the city needs your help clearing the storm drains.

"With all the heavy rain that came this morning, I believe there were 20 streets that had about somewhere between 3-5 inches.  It has been a terrible winter, just terrible."

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